Of the making of “cook-blogs” there seems to be no end.
In all shapes, forms, and sizes they spew forth from the world’s presses. But varied as they are, each meets a corresponding need in the wide gamut of taste buds and appetites.
Pinoyworlddelicacies has its own particular role to play, and does it admirably. It is a collection of recipes particularly selected to suit the Filipino palate. Moreover, these recipes are selected not only for their taste but also for their healthfulness. They are best recipes.

Of particular interest of the owner of this cook-blog will be the section of International Dishes, complete with suggested menus. Through these representative recipes, you can make a culinary visit to faraway and intriguing places, learning to know and appreciate better the people of other lands, through their foods.
At the same time, as this blog finds its way into foreign lands, other people can become acquainted with the Filipino diet.
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