Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guide in Buying Canned Goods

Favorite Canned Goods/Foods
Canned foods are used often enough to make it necessary for us to know how to purchase them.

The best and most complete guide to buying canned goods is the label on the can. The labels tell you the brand name, the contents, the address, and name of the manufacturer, the weight or liquid measure of the contents, and the ingredients. Occasionally, recipes using the contents are given. The label also gives the style or form of the canned product. For example, it tells whether the pineapple is crushed, sliced, diced, or cubed; if corn is whole kernel or cream style.

The large economy size in canned products is economical only if you can use the entire amount at once or in the very near future. Once out of the can, the food is subject to spoilage.

A bulging or leaking can is a sign that the food inside is damaged. However, slight dents or stains on the label of the can will not harm the contents.

Buying Canned Goods the Easy Way
When you buy canned foods, compare brands. Some brands may have fancier labels and thus higher prices than others, but the contents are the same. Others may have the same quality but there is a great difference in price. By careful reading of labels and comparing of brands, great savings can be made.

In purchasing canned products, the way they will be used should be considered. For instance, if you will use pineapple for cookies or candy, crushed pineapple will serve your purpose very well. But if you are making a salad or an upside down cake, then buy pineapple chunks or sliced pineapple. If you are on a tight budget, purchase the less expensive grades. The sizes and pieces inside the can may not be uniform, but they have exactly the same food value as the most expensive brands.

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