Thursday, August 26, 2010

Menu Making Pointers

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Palatability is a factor to consider in menu making. This includes both the taste and the appearance of the food. For example, brewer’s yeast contains many of the B vitamins but it tastes horrible to many people. The palatability of brewer’s yeast can be improved by masking its disagreeable flavor with fruit juices, milk, or cocoa. It can also be added to mock meat loaf or patties.

One of the most important things to consider in meal planning is economy. We need to realize that expensive foods are not necessarily the most nutritious, and neither are cheap foods necessarily lacking in the proper nutrients. For example, instead of buying strawberries, at prohibitive prices, for your vitamin C, why not use oranges or lemons instead. A glass of lemon juice for breakfast is cheaper than a bowl of strawberries. Wise substitution in foods will leave you more money with which to buy other foods. In planning your menu, use fruits and vegetables which are in season (see sidebar). This way, you will be getting the best quality for the least money. If you have any leftover food, try to serve it in a different form so that the family will have no qualms about eating it. Do not serve too many kinds of food at one meal. Rice, two vegetables, and one protein dish plus milk or some other beverage is enough. Dessert should be optional.
Tips and Tricks in Meal Preparation
You as a housewife or cook should take care that the sanitary quality of the food is preserved. It is rather unpleasant task to eat food that has had six-legged visitors all over it. Unsanitary methods in the handling and preparation of food can cause disease and even death. All fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed after purchase. If you live up in a house that has unscreened windows and doors, by all means keep the food covered until serving time so that the flies will have no opportunity to step on it. These safety measures are very simple to take, yet by following them you will save a lot on doctor’s bills.

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