Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saving Time in Preparing Meals

Shopping List for Food
Wise use of time spent in preparing meals can mean more time left for other activities and chores. Time is like money. It needs to be budgeted if you are to make the best use of it.

Here are some suggestions which may help:

1.    When you make menus, make enough for the whole week. This will also save marketing time for you.
2.    Shop when the markets are less crowded so that you will not spend too much time in pushing and shoving around the stalls.
3.    Plan simple easy-to-prepare meals which are suitable for all ages. Do not cater to the individual whims of each member of the family.
4.    Plan a work schedule for each day. If you write down all of your activities you will notice that there are many instances where time can be saved.
5.    Arrange your kitchen tools and utensils in the order which you will use them. Keep the most used items nearest your work area. For example, potholders should be as near the stove as possible. Never mind if they look very cute over the sink; they are quite useless there.

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