Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Grease And Line Baking Pans

Greasing Baking Pans
proper way of greasing and lining round baking pans

•    With shortening, oil, or butter and using a wide pastry brush, grease the bottom of the pan; sometimes the sides too if the recipe calls for it. Brush evenly and completely.

Lining Baking Pans

For Round Pans
Lining Round Baking Pans

•    Cut a portion of waxed or greaseproof paper.
•    Fold in half then fold again in half to make a quarter.
•    Fold the quarter sheet into 4, forming a cone.
•    Measure the diameter of the pan by placing the tip of the cone in the center of the round pan. Cut to fit.
•    Unfold paper and place over greased pan. Press lightly so it sticks.

For Square or Rectangular Pans
Greasing and Lining Baking Pans

•    Cut a sheet of waxed or greaseproof paper larger than the pan.
•    Position the pan in the center of the paper.
•    Cut from the corner of the paper to the tip of the pan. Do this for all 4 tips.
•    Fold the edges of the paper to mark the bottom of the pan. Lift the pan.
•    Fold in the triangular ends of the paper.
•    Place paper inside the pan and press lightly so it sticks to the bottom and sides.

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