Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mechanical Soft Diet (Food Selection Guide)

Foods Allowed

Carbohydrate-rich Foods
  • Soft Rice (if tolerable to patient)
  • Oats
  • Mashed potato, mashed camote (sweet potato), mashed saba (banana)
  • Soft bread
  • Soft cookies
Food Selection Guide - Diet Guide

Protein-rich Foods

For Vegetarians
  • Well-done legumes cooked with sabaw (soup)
  • Chopped or ground vegetarian products

For Non-Vegetarians
  • All well-cooked chopped, flaked or ground lean meat and fish
  • Flaked fish
  • Poached egg

  • Diced string or Baguio beans
  • Diced chayote (vegetable pear), carrots
  • Mashed squash
  • Well-cooked eggplant

  • All soft fruits
  • Crispy fruits which can be scraped like apple, pear
  • Any fruits, blended

  • Fruit juices, milk, fruit shakes, milk shakes

Foods Not Allowed

Carbohydrate-rich Foods
  • Hard-cooked rice and cereals
  • Hard crackers

Protein-rich Foods
  • Litid (ligament e.g. beef)

  • Raw or half-cooked 

  • Hard

  • Alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and cola drinks

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