Saturday, September 8, 2012

What is Soft Diet

Low Cellulose Content Foods

What It Is
A diet that allows fruits and vegetables with low-cellulose content as well as fish and meat with no or very little connective tissues. This diet aims to reduce the work load of the digestive system. Proper food selection will provide both the person's nutrient needs together with the rest of the digestive system's needs.

Some Tips:
  • Choose fruits low in cellulose content like banana and apple.
  • Choose vegetables low in cellulose content like chayote (vegetable pear), carrots, green papaya, upo (bottle gourd), and squash preferably without skin and seeds.
  • Choose fish and meat with no tough connective tissues.
  • Choose polished rice and white bread rather than whole grain cereals.
  • Avoid foods that have caffeine, alcohol and pepper.
  • Avoid spicy foods like instant noodles, chips, spicy nuts, sauces, and fatty foods. They can cause discomfort and irritation.
  • Observe your tolerance for eating. Since food effects vary from one person to another, master your digestive system. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals, nuts, and grains may negatively affect some patients.

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